Stop Judging

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Employers can increase employee engagement by tying individual contributions to the company’s overall performance. Aligning people with purpose requires clarified expectations and a trusting relationship between the employee and supervisor. Traditional performance appraisals undermine this trust. Honest constructive feedback violates social norms according to the NeuroLeadership Institute. Feedback sounds like judging. Neither the giver nor the receiver is comfortable with judging. That is why people judge high, and judge nice. More than 400 large companies have removed ratings from their performance appraisal processes and have abandoned the traditional review of previous performance. There is a lot of convincing evidence that demonstrates how bad the...

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Invest in the New Hire

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Onboarding is a human resource process that introduces new employees to the company and their positions.  A well-structured onboarding program reduces turnover and gets employees to be productive faster. Fredrick Herzberg’s motivation theory is often referred to as the Two-Factor Theory. The two factors are hygiene and motivation. Hygiene factors include working conditions, salary, security, quality of supervision and policies. Motivation factors include achievement, recognition of achievement, advancement and growth. Herzberg created a matrix of hygiene and motivation. Ideally a company rates highly in both areas resulting in highly motivated employees with few complaints. So what does his theory and onboarding have in common? Hygiene ...

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New Year, New You

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“This year I’ll be a better supervisor, really get to know my staff; maybe even read the handbook.” Sound familiar? If you are planning on changing your behavior, be fair and let your staff know your plans. The New Year is the perfect time to establish new expectations. If your new expectations include changing the way you manage, let your team in on it.  If you plan to stick to the rules in 2017 or emphasize teamwork, let people know and establish when the new clock starts. It is not fair to change the way you are going to look at your workplace until everyone knows the rules have changed. Likewise, if your new view of the rules starts January 1, you cannot enforce what happened last year. Everyone gets a fresh start and a heads ...

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Doing The Right Thing

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Warren Bennis said, “Managers do things right but leaders do the right thing,” when comparing the work of managers and leaders in 1989. Bennis’ comparison illustrated leaders determine what to do and managers get it done. Today, doing the right thing is more about ethics. Ethics represent our judgment about right and wrong. Managers and leaders are role models for all employees. Employees are aware of how business decisions are made and what happens to those who violate standards. Managers and leaders are always “on” since social media has eliminated private time. The Ethics Research Center (ERC) illustrates the benefits of maintaining an ethical workplace. Studies have shown more motivated, productive...

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Changes to Legal Immigration Programs

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While everyone is focused on illegal immigration, don’t lose sight of President Obama’s executive actions intention to make things a bit easier for employers to access and retain legal immigrants. Business leaders have pleaded with Congress to pass an immigration reform bill. Tom Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated this reform would boost productivity, attract worldwide investment, raise the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and slash the federal deficit. Immigration reform is needed to alleviate labor shortages. The technology sector struggles to find qualified candidates. A recent survey conducted by Adecco found there is one unemployed person for every 1.9 vacant STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) jobs in the...

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