Proactive Training

Training is your best defense!

  • Tip #1 – Include understanding and compliance of employment laws in management’s performance appraisals. Managers need to understand their roles and the laws with which they must comply.
  • Tip #2 – Wage and hour training can show good faith compliance efforts and possibly avoid liquidated damages and/or reduce the statute of limitations.
  • Tip #3 – Courts give employers an affirmative defense when the employer can demonstrate that it has policies in place and trains everyone periodically and effectively.

The U.S. Supreme Court and the EEOC have strongly encouraged harassment prevention training for all employees—punishing employers who fail to educate their employees. The phrase, reckless indifference was coined in Mathis v. Phillips Chevrolet, Inc. 2001 when a manager had hiring authority yet discrimination training was not provided by the employer. Wage and hour training along with discrimination training build a good faith defense.

What Managers Should Know About Discrimination

A must-see for all supervisors in companies with 15 or more employees! The total number of EEOC charges filed in FY 2010 rose to a record 99,022, up 7.1% from FY 2009. On the heels of two consecutive years of record high charges in 2008 and 2009, the 2010 statistics demonstrate a resilient and powerful trend of increased exposure to costly discrimination claims. Supervisors have the power to cause litigation. Learn what to say in potentially bad situations.

What Managers Should Know About Wage & Hour Laws

Of the 7,312 class/collective action lawsuits filed in federal and state courts in 2009; 83% were wage and hour related complaints! “Make no mistake, the Department of Labor is back in the enforcement business” according to Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor. It’s recommended to train managers about pay practices at least every two years. In the past two years, court cases have expanded donning and doffing to include waiting for the computer to boot up and checking emails while in transit to work. It’s time for a refresher!

Employment Law is for Everybody!

Get a quick lesson on the alphabet soup of employment laws and learn which ones affect your company; ADAAA, ADEA, EEOC, EPA, FMLA, ICRA, FLSA, MPA, NLRB, OSHA, USERRA and WARN. Virtually all employers must comply with some employment laws, such as EPA (it’s not about the environment). The Indiana Civil Rights Act affects employers with as little as 6 employees. Know which laws apply to your company and learn what evidence you must retain to be in compliance.

Assure a Healthy and Respectful Work Environment

This program clarifies behavioral expectations to assure a respectful work environment. It’s the most effective and least costly form of liability insurance!

Strategic Management’s Anti-Discrimination Package includes:

  • A review and report of company policy and procedure

  • A powerful acknowledgement and compliance form for employees to sign

  • Training incorporates company discrimination policy and complaint procedure

  • Two one-hour training sessions; one for managers and one for managers and employees

  • Complies with California’s training mandate definition of effective training for supervisors

What Is Civility?

Dig deeper, raise the bar! Identify incivilities in your workplace and learn what negative impact it is having on performance. Creating a civil work environment allows people to reach their potential. It creates an environment that allows people to think, create and collaborate. It must start at the top.

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