Complying with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the baseline.

Assuring a Healthy and Respectful Work Environment

Providing employees with anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training clarifies behavioral expectations and establishes a respectful work environment. It’s the most effective and least costly form of liability insurance! Employers create an affirmative defense when they can demonstrate effective and periodic training of its policies.

Strategic Management’s Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Training Package includes:

  • A review of company policy and procedure
  • A powerful acknowledgment and compliance form for employees to sign
  • Training incorporates company anti-discrimination/anti-harassment policy and complaint procedure
  • Two one-hour training sessions; one for managers and one for managers and employees
  • Complies with California’s training mandate definition of effective training for supervisors

This training is developed for each company to address specific areas of concern. Strategic Management offers additional training and interventions aimed at developing behavioral norms to establish a civil workplace.

Taking Personal Responsibility for Civility
Participants become self-aware of their micro-incivilities that add up to create behavioral norms in the workplace. This program concludes with mutually agreed upon civility norms.
The Drama Triangle
Identify the victim, adversary and rescuer roles played each day and learn to reframe negativity, gossip and complaints. Confront disrespectful behavior in a manner that results in mutual respect and purpose.
Kindness: The Business Case (Keynote)
Taking credit for other’s work, passing the blame, belittling, and “phubbing” drain your bottom line based on Stanford research. Identify one incivility to repair in your workplace.

Making The World Kinder, One Workplace At A Time