Training is your best defense! Managers must understand the laws that govern the employer-employee relationship. Strategic Management presents numerous training programs to ensure this understanding from a practical perspective. Akins does not teach the law; she trains why it matters and what obligation the supervisor has to the company and the employees. Up-to-date programs are developed in the following areas:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity – Title VII
Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Package

Providing employees with anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training clarifies behavioral expectations and establishes a respectful work environment. It’s the most effective and least costly form of liability insurance! Employers create an affirmative defense when they can demonstrate effective and periodic training of its policies.

Strategic Management’s Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Training Package includes:

  • A review of company policy and procedure
  • A powerful acknowledgment and compliance form for employees to sign
  • Training incorporates company anti-discrimination/anti-harassment policy and complaint procedure
  • Two one-hour training sessions; one for managers and one for managers and employees
  • Complies with California’s training mandate definition of effective training for supervisors

This training is developed for each company to address specific areas of concern. Strategic Management offers additional training and interventions aimed at developing behavioral norms to establish a civil workplace.

The Supervisor Game (Keynote)
This is a highly interactive training session designed to give supervisors the opportunity to practice responding to employee comments and concerns about work conditions. Prior to participating in this session, supervisors should have a basic understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity, discrimination and harassment. Several objectives can be met in this fast-paced session. Participants will be advised that:

  1. Supervisors’ job is to create a fair work environment
  2. Supervisors make employment decisions
  3. Employment decisions can create liability for their company
  4. Supervisors’ words and actions can create liability
  5. Supervisors should never act alone with potentially litigious matters
  6. Supervisors must inform Human Resources about matters that impact an employee’s entitlements
  7. Neutral responses to employee concerns are the first step to open communication about the concern.

Practice responding to employees’ concerns about work conditions in a safe environment will create a basic communication skill and increase participants’ confidence when dealing with these concerns.

  • Wage and Hour
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Americans with Disabilities Act AA

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