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Strategic Management offers JITHR – Just In Time Human Resources via telephone, email and onsite. Our consulting experience can be applied in the following areas:

Anti-Discriminating Training

Providing employees anti-discrimination training protects the employer from liability and especially punitive damages. It clarifies behavioral expectations and establishes a respectful work environment. Strategic Management’s Anti-Discrimination Training Package includes:
  • A review of company policy and procedure
  • Two one-hour training sessions; one for managers and one for managers and employees
  • Training incorporates company anti-discrimination policy and complaint procedure
  • A powerful acknowledgement and compliance form for employees to sign

Personnel File Audit

The Personnel Record Improvement Plan typically recommends re-filing of all medical information, source documents revealing protected class and I-9s. Personnel files contain documents of the hiring decision and history of the employee’s performance. Access to files should be limited and not contain information that may lead to discrimination.

Most employment lawsuits can be traced to:
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