better supervisor

May 28, 2019

Select a Natural

Employers would be wise to stop promoting individuals as a reward for performance in a different role. Choose supervisors based on their talent to communicate well and ability to develop others.  Natural supervisors want to be open and are approachable. Good supervisors establish priorities and goals. Good supervisors focus on others’ strengths. Great supervisors improve the level of trust in the workplace. Gallup’s four-decade research of 27 million employees identified five talents great managers possess. “They motivate their employees, assert themselves to overcome obstacles, create a culture of accountability, build trusting relationships and make informed, unbiased decisions for the good […]
December 22, 2016

New Year, New You

“This year I’ll be a better supervisor, really get to know my staff; maybe even read the handbook.” Sound familiar? If you are planning on changing your behavior, be fair and let your staff know your plans. The New Year is the perfect time to establish new expectations. If your new expectations include changing the way you manage, let your team in on it.  If you plan to stick to the rules in 2017 or emphasize teamwork, let people know and establish when the new clock starts. It is not fair to change the way you are going to look […]