May 18, 2021

A New View

Myth #1: Brain cells die off as we age. Brain cells, or neurons don’t necessarily die. In fact, neurogenesis is the process of expanding neurons as we age. Myth #2: Brain development ceases in childhood or early adolescence. It’s true the greatest neural development occurs in our youth. However, we can continue to build mental capacity as we age. Myth #3: We can’t change our brain or who we  are. There are steps we can take to maintain and enhance our brain health, or cognitive fitness. Rodney Gilkey and Clint Kilts describe these steps in a Harvard Business Review article […]
September 1, 2008


Workplace diversity can be defined as a culture of fairness and opportunity among employees from different racial, ethnic, religious and other backgrounds. A diverse workforce can provide a powerful advantage for any business as long as it’s managed effectively. Consider expanding the concept of diversity beyond any protected class, to include diversity of thought, viewpoint and ideas. Bank of America understands this view of diversity. “At Bank of America, we respect and value not only differences related to race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability and sexual orientation, but also diversity of viewpoint, experience, talents and ideas. We strive to empower all […]