September 16, 2020

You are Biased

Harvard Psychologist, Mahzarin Banaji coined the term “thumbprint of my culture.” She and many others have studied implicit bias. These are biases we all have and use without conscious awareness. Our brain works fast to make decisions constantly and develop mental shortcuts. These shortcuts become our biases.    Cognitive scientists have categorized over a hundred biases. The categories called the SEEDS Model stands for Similarity, Expedience, Experience, Distance and Safety. Similarity is often referred to an ingroup vs. outgroup. We perceive people who are similar more positively and those who are different more negatively. Expedience bias is if it feels […]
June 22, 2020

Listen to Yourself

Living through, or even observing these moral, economic and health crises continue to unfold is taking an emotional toll. We have three choices in response to a crisis. We can fight, flight, or freeze. We can move in with high energy and take control; we can move away, going about our business in denial, or we can stop.  People have moved through heroism and adaptation at this point in the pandemic crisis and are finding themselves depleted. We recognize our lost certainty, command, and control. Apathy, anxiety, fear, anger, and grief are consuming and disrupting us. It’s time to become […]